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Proyecto "Fe y Esperanza" Cazuca: Service

Why Cazuca?

Why Cazuca?

Cazuca is slum located at south Bogota, Colombia. It is populated mainly by displaced people from all over the country. It is an area that the Government has completely abandoned: no roads, no sanitation, no water, no hospitals. People who live here are in extreme poverty.

Once we knew this area existed, we chose to step in. If no one seems to care, we know of a God who cares. We are his hands and feet. How could we turn away? If we talk about "love" but we do nothing, our words are empty.


Love should be demonstrated.


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Faith & Hope School


April 2019 Update

How our program has developed so far.

Our 4 Key Programs

School Program

Available for our children in school age to allow them to succeed in their education and grow with a healthy identity.


Literacy and numeracy classes run 4 times a week.

Health & Nutrition

Periodical medical check-ups and our food kitchen.


The kitchen runs 4 times a week providing a highly nutritious meal for each student to help them grow and develop.

Literacy Classes for Mothers

We target the high number of women who do not know how to read and write.


Because this has affected their lives and prevented them from financial independence and sustainability, we work alongside mothers to empower them to achieve their goals.

Agape Store

A clothing and accessories store that provides the local community with very low priced clothing.

All profits from the store are invested into the School Program.

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Practical ways you can be involved

School Supplies

Our goal is that each student would be provided for everything they need to complete their school year.

You can donate towards school supplies here:

Donate Clothes

You can donate new or second-hand clothes (in excellent used condition) for our clothing store in the area.We sell the clothing for affordable prices to the people in the community. All profits are invested into the School Program.

If you would like to donate clothes, please contact us.

Donate Food

Children receive one highly nutritious meal each day of activities. This part of our program is very important as some of our kids don't have access to one meal a day. Malnutrition is the main health problem we currently have.

You can donate towards food supplies for our kitchens here:

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