We provide classes for over 146 students aged 4 to18. i58 provides support for those who are already attending school by preventing dropouts, as well as providing literacy and numeracy classes for those who have no access to education at all. 

Literacy and numeracy classes run 4 times a week with an average of 20 children per class. We also offer individual tutoring for those who need extra support.

Children receive a healthy meal before their class which helps with their focus and engagement. We have found how this simple "food factor" has helped enormously with their receptiveness and behaviour.  


Each Saturday we run our Superclub that provides workshops, sports and games. We provide a safe and engaging alternative for students who otherwise are left to roam the streets.

Children receive a highly nutritious meal and have a whole day of activities to participate in. 

We provide each child with a safe environment that provides an alternative setting to one of violence and crime.


We celebrate the birthdays of each of our kids. Through these celebrations we have created a caring and loving community in which children know they belong. 

Each month we have cake and celebration as well as presents for each of our children celebrating their birthday. 

We have found this practice speaks powerfully into their identity. Children learn to encourage and bless each other rather than envy or constantly compete with one another. 

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