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Health & Nutrition

Medical Checkups

We have a wonderful team of doctors who periodically perform medical check ups and provide medical assistance to the children in our program. 

Thanks to their work we have been able to identify the main health issues affecting our children, a main one of them being malnutrition.

We also are able to provide educational workshops and medical advice which helps to prevent the spread of diseases, as well as increase the life expectancy of both the children and families in our program.

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Health & Nutrition

School Restaurant

We provide 4 days of healthy and nutritious meals for the children engaged in our program.


These meals have been carefully designed to meet the nutritional needs of our children and help them to recover, grow and develop in a healthy way. 

Our goal is to provide meals 6 days a week due to the fact that most of these children are not generally able to  eat one proper meal a day.


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