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i58: Love Demonstrated

Who we are

i58 is a movement of people committed to loving our neighbour through actions.

Because every person carries immense worth we believe injustice of any kind should never be a normal situation for anyone. 


So, when we see others suffering oppression, poverty and pain we step in.

We believe love is a verb comprised of both words and actions. Therefore, if we talk about love but don´t act on it, our speech is void.


Love should be demonstrated.

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What we do

The goal of i58 is to demonstrate love by both providing material resources as well as developing genuine relationships with our neighbour.


We believe through building genuine relationships we are able to recognise what strengths and resources we both already have and journey alongside our neighbour in order to overcome injustice and empower lasting change.

i58 is also committed to creating a global movement of people who demonstrate love in their own communities.


Through an ongoing commitment to demonstrating, teaching and training others who have a heart for justice we will build a movement of people dedicated to loving their neighbour.

“For when people get caught up with that which is right and they are willing to sacrifice for it, there is no stopping point short of victory.” 

Martin Luther King Jr.


Faith & Hope

Cazuca, South Bogota, COLOMBIA

In 2018, i58 re-opened a school located in one of Colombia´s most impoverished communities. This school is aimed to provide alternative educational programs to children of displaced families who live in extreme poverty.  We also run literacy courses for mothers who didn´t have access to education and don´t know how to read or write.

As well as providing educational programs to more than 120 children aged between 3-18 years we also run a community kitchen that employs local parents and provides healthy meals for each student during our programs. Our menu has been strategically designed to target the main health issue we have encountered: malnourishment.

Our goal is to provide all the support (emotional, physical and spiritual) needed for children and their families to succeed. We are certain that by these acts of love, the future of these children and their families will be completely changed and all their community impacted.


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What can I do?

We are all necessary

The i58 movement is aimed at informing, encouraging and training both individuals and communities to demonstrate love. 


Our plan is to both encourage and equip you with the tools and knowledge to use your own unique gifts and strengths to demonstrate love for your neighbour.

If you have noticed injustice and have felt uncomfortable, there is always something you can do. 


From bringing awareness to hands on work, there is no small impact when we act in love. No matter how big the problem might seem, solutions only arrive when someone takes the first step.


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